About the project

To accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy while exploiting existing infrastructure, hydrogen can be injected into the natural gas network. However, there are many technical and regulatory gaps to be closed, adaptations and investments to be made to insure that multi-gas networks across Europe will be able to operate in a reliable and safe way while providing a highly controllable gas quality and required energy demand.

Recently, the European Committee for Standardisation concluded the impossibility of setting a common limiting value for hydrogen into the European gas infrastructure, recommending a case-by-case analysis. In addition to this, there are still uncertainties related to material integrity on pipelines and network components with regards to a reduced lifetime in the presence of hydrogen.

Results from previous and ongoing projects on the hydrogen readiness of grid components should be summarised in a systematic manner, together with the assessment of the existing T&D infrastructure components at European level.

This will provide stakeholders with decision support and risk reduction information to drive future investments and the development of regulations and standards.